Unit 1 Study Guide

The test will take place on Thursday 9/13.


  • Multiple-Choice
  • Annotation
  • Short Answer

Items to Study

  • Poetry
    • "The Eagle"
    • "Winter"
    • "Dulce et Decorum Est"
    • "The Whipping"
    • "The Red Wheelbarrow"
    • "Suicide's Note"
    • "Constantly risking absurdity"
    • "Ars Poetica"
    • For each of the poems be able to discuss the STIFST that were discussed in class. Two of these poems will be on the test in the annotation section where you will need to do the STIFST for each of them. There will be questions about each poem in the multiple-choice section as well as the short answer.
  • Uses of Language - practical, experience, persuasion
    • How do each of the poems fit into the use of language? Why?
  • Limited POV - beautiful and/or moral
  • ELT - pages 210-224
    • There will be examples in the multiple-choice for each of these sound devices that were discussed.
    • There will be specific lines given and you will need to decide which sound device is being used in that particular line and what sound it is being used with.
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