The Canterbury Tales

Study Guide for Test on 10/15


AP Passage with multiple-choice
True/False - if it is false it will need to be corrected in order to get full points
Sequence of events - put 10 events from one of the three tales in sequential order
Take Home Essay - due on Monday

Items to Study

Characterization Terms

  1. Methods of Characterization (direct and indirect)
  2. Dynamic Character
  3. Static Character
  4. Flat Character
  5. Round Character
  6. Stock Character
  7. Antagonist
  8. Protagonist

"The Prologue"

  • Characters you are responsible for when studying for the test:
    • Knight
    • Squire
    • Nun
    • Monk
    • Friar
    • Clerk
    • 5 Tradesman
    • Wife of Bath
    • Parson
    • Miller
    • Summoner
    • Pardoner
  • Setting for the journey
  • Purpose for the journey
  • Social Commentary of the characters listed above

"The Knight's Tale"

  • Characters - Theseus, Emily, Palamon, Arcita
  • Moral of the story
  • Setting of the story
  • Key details of the basic plot

"The Miller's Tale"

  • the details of how the Miller came to tell his story second
  • Characters - Alyson, Nicholas, Absalom, John
  • The joke that is played on John
  • The joke that is played on Absalom
  • Moral aspects of the story

"The Pardoner's Tale"

  • Purpose of the story
  • Allegory elements (both literal and symbolic)
  • Archetypal elements
    • Things that come in threes
    • a mysterious guide
    • something that tests their morals
    • either a just punishment or reward
  • both plans to kill
  • the ending of the story
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