Study Guide For The Quiz


  • Fill-in the Blank (up to 20 with a word bank)
  • Short Answer (4)

Items to Study:

  • Introduction Notes
  • Chapter 1 of 1984
    • Characters - Winston, Julia, O'Brien & Goldstein
    • Environment - outside, Winston's apartment, posters, weather, time of year, etc.
    • Two Minute Hate - be able to describe in detail
    • Winston's use of a journal/diary
    • Thoughtcrime, names of ministries and what they are responsible for

If you can answer these questions (from class today) you should hopefully do well on the quiz.
1. When and where does the novel begin?
2. Describe Winston and his apartment.
3. Where does Winston work?
4. Why has Winston come home for lunch on this day?
5. What are the four ministries of the government? What are they each responsible for?
6. What is newspeak? Why do the people use it?
7. Describe the Two Minute Hate in detail.
8. Describe the three characters that have been introduced so far: Julia, O'Brien and Goldstein.
9. What is a thoughtcrime? What is the penalty for thoughtcrime?
10. Why does Winston believe that he has committed a thoughtcrime?

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