Chapter 2 and 14 Study Guide


  • Short Answer
  • Poetry Annotation
  • Paraphrasing examples

Items to Study

  • Chapter 2 - paraphrasing
    • know how to paraphrase a poem. There will be several samples on the test that you will have to write a paraphrase for.
    • five suggestions for reading poems
    • focus on speaker, occasion, purpose, and theme
    • Poems:
      • "The Man He Killed"
      • "A Study of Reading Habits"
      • "Is my team plowing"
      • "Mirror"
      • "Ethics"
    • General knowledge of STIFST as it applies to each of the following poems. Look at the idea of blank or free verse
  • Chapter 14 - poetry structures
    • Italian/Petrarchan Sonnet structure
    • Shakespearean/English Sonnet structure
    • Villanelle structure
    • There will be three poems on the test, one of each style, and you will need to do the STIFST for them, label the structure, paraphrase the sections, and do the rhyme scheme per our discussion in class.
    • Poems:
      • "My mistress' eyes" (not in chapter 14, but on page 173)
      • "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer"
      • "That time of year"
      • "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night"
      • "Death, be not proud"
      • "Villanelle for an Anniversary"
  • Poetic Structures
    • volta
    • couplet
    • tercet
    • quatrain
    • sestet
    • octave
    • blank verse
    • free verse
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