During the third quarter we will be reading //Jane Eyre as your independent reading novel. There are several deadlines and assignments throughout the novel that are worth a large amount of points. Pay close attention to the assignments and deadlines.


  1. Reading Assignments - each week you will have an assigned number of chapters to read. The weekly assignments will be based on these chapters.
    • By 2/21 - Chapters 1-6
    • By 2/27 - Chapters 7-13
    • By 3/5 - Chapters 14-20
    • By 3/12 - Chapters 21-26
    • By 3/19 - Chapters 27-33
    • By 3/26 - Chapters 34 - End (38)
  2. Weekly Forum Post - each week one of the forum posts will be on Jane Eyre while the other one is on something else that is being read and discussed in class.
  3. Critical Reading Journals - find the description of the assignment on the Critical Reading Journals page.
    • This is due on the first day of each week.
  4. Weekly Reading Quizzes - on the first day of every week we will take a twenty point reading quiz that will prove if you have been completing your reading assignments. The quizzes will be in a variety of formats, but will always be worth twenty points.
  5. Reading Discussions - after taking the quiz, we will then discuss the novel and any important / key sections that were read during that week.
  6. Essay - this will be discussed mid-March, but will be due on Tuesday 4/10, when we return from Spring Break.
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