The quiz on this set of flash cards will take place on Wednesday 12/7. Format will be discussed in class next week. The cards are divided into categories to help you study better.

Narrators - reliability, limited narrator, first-person point of view, point of view, omniscient point of view, third person point of view, narrator
Emotional Aspects - bathos, pathos, catharsis
Plot Diagram - exposition, conflict, setting, rising action, climax, anticlimax, falling action, resolution
Narrative Techniques - circular narrative, bildungsroman, parable, picaresque, revenge tragedy, ellipsis, episodic structure, epistolary, stream of consciousness, framing
Devices - flash-forward, flashback, digression, in medias res, deus ex machina, foreshadowing, prolepsis, satire, dystopia, theme, thesis, epigraph, epilogue, atmosphere, dialogue, plot

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