Heart Of Darkness


  • Multiple-Choice (10)
  • True/False (10)
  • Fill-in the Blank (10)
  • Short Answer (8)

Items to Study

  • Characters - be able to discuss and describe each of the eight characters listed on the characters notes page
  • Stations - be able to discuss and describe the look of each station, what goes on at each station, and who lives at each station
  • Introduction Notes - this was never tested, so it will be on the test
  • Things that come in threes (see intro notes for this one)
  • Basic details of the story - see list below for some hints and clues
    • How did Marlow get his job? Why?
    • How did he make it to the Congo River?
    • What is Marlow's first impression of the Outer Station? of the natives?
    • How does Marlow get to the Central Station?
    • Why can Marlow not use his boat right away? How does this change?
    • What happens 50 miles, 8 miles, and 1.5 miles from the Inner Station?
    • What happens to Kurtz at the end of the book? Why?
    • What is the Heart of Darkness?
    • How do characters psychologically change?
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