Autobiography as Haiku


  • Write a 100 word autobiography that describes something about you.
  • Type or handwrite the words and then attach them to a piece of construction paper.
  • Place a picture of you on the paper and then decorate the rest of the page to go along with your autobiography.
  • These will be presented to the class and then placed around the classroom for others to read.

Due Date: September 10, 2010.

Grade: 30 points

This used to be a contest with the Washington Post. Below you will find several examples that might help you to get started.

Example # 1 – Mariah Burton Nelson
Life is short. I am not. I'm used to this. When I screw in a lightbulb without standing on a chair, I'm not amazed.

Others, however, seem shocked. "How tall ARE you?" they ask. Daily.


"You couldn't be that tall."

Favorite question: "Have you always been that tall?"

Favorite comment: "I wish I were tall — but not as tall as you."

Yes, I played college and pro basketball. But I wasn't good because I'm tall. I was good because I practiced.

Mission: To be the kind of person who's worth looking up to, just in case anyone's looking.

Example # 2 – Helen Ip
My husband and I walk our neighbor's dog every Sunday. Maude is a 9-year-old bloodhound who enjoys conversation. "Are you enjoying the walk?" I ask her. As she continues walking with a slightly faster pace, my husband responds, "Yes, I am."

My husband is jealous of Maude. On Saturday mornings, I drag him out of bed to play tennis. Running errands in the afternoon, he trails reluctantly behind me on detours into shoe stores and boutique shops.

I realize I seldom stop and ask if he is enjoying himself, too.

Example # 3 – Christine Bath
What I need: round-trip bus tickets to New York, Advil, gas in my car, more money, a birthday card for Jean, to stop eating ice cream for breakfast, a way to move a futon to Boston, textbook money, a plan, a kitchen table.

What I want: new shoes, to lose five pounds, a nap, free everything, my cat on my stomach, better social skills, cooking classes, someone else to do the dishes, beer money, cheese fries, to smack some people, fewer doubts, to be there already.

What I have: two jobs, one more year of college, too much choice.

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