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To the incoming class of 2015-2016,

Welcome to your senior year. As students of the Advanced Placement Literature Class, you have a substantial amount of merit as far as academics and behavior. This class is only one of five core classes that you will have, and in complete honesty it is the most difficult. This class has the most work compared to any other class (at least it was this way my year as a senior). This is both helpful and harmful. As difficult as this class is, it is the most useful in helping me retain information about a specific piece of literature or field of literature. Although this is useful, the sheer amount of work is sometimes too much. Somehow, every year I make a mistake or miss an assignment my grade never goes up. It is necessary to admit I am almost completely at fault for this because I am not motivated to pursue any higher scores. The one complaint I have about this class is that I wish I was able to make up work, even on days where I was not absent and just ended up not doing the work. I think I would have been more motivated to continue to excel not continue to go down. My advice from me to anyone taking this class, immerse yourselves in the novels and plays and short stories and poems. Understand its literary merit by analyzing it different contexts. Do all of your work, and do not miss any assignments. And finally, try writing your own piece of literature. It is beyond fun and beyond helpful to not only understand better but to be better immersed into the world of literature. Best of luck to all!

Dear Juniors (soon to be Seniors),

First off, I don't know when you will be reading this… assuming it is after your Armenia trip: how much do you miss it already? Best place ever! Honestly, I'm still shocked that Mrs. Kirkman even let me write this letter to you guys because of how terrible I've been in her class. I have been the reason for all her headaches, and, for that, I apologize. Totally worth it, though. There are three easy steps to having a fun, easy time in 12th Grade AP Lit and I will try my best to explain them to you.
1) THE ALMIGHTY GUIDE TO PASSING THIS CLASS: SPARKNOTESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! It is God's gift to man. Whether it's the night before or during recess or during the period right before Lit, Sparknotes can potentially save lives. Mrs. Kirkman, I have not read ONE page of work this past year. On the real, though, if you want to actually do well at the end of the year read all the books. (Who am I kidding? SPARKNOTES BABY!)
2) Do all the homework! Yes, this is not a way to slide through the class with ease. However, she, like Satan, does not allow make up work. My parents literally almost disowned me throughout the year because I had 3 missing assignments for Mrs. Kirkman from the first week of the quarter to the last because I could not make them up. Don't be stupid, do the homework.
3) HAVE FUN! It's your senior year! Mess around, tell jokes, make fun of each other in class. Lighten the atmosphere. Sure it is an AP class, sure there is a lot of work; who cares?!?!? Mess with Mrs. Kirkman a lot! Read the plays in funny voices, talk in accents, talk to each other from one side of the room to the other, have insiders, sit by your friends, laugh.. A LOT.
I honestly had a blast this year. A lot of people - who will remain nameless - warned me not to take the class. I'm glad I did. Enjoy your senior year… and continue the tradition of being Mrs. Kirkman most hated class.

Dear 2016 Seniors,
You are literally a blink of an eye away from ending your high school careers, and trust me it flies by. Most of you were probably in AP English Language last year, which mean you know this class is no joke. In all honestly, I hated AP Language, with all its terms and technicalities. AP Literature, however, is the complete opposite. This class tapped more into the creativity of the English language, as we read about different topics. Some of the fictional works really get you thinking and open your mind to different perspectives. As a possible English major, this was one of the more enjoyable classes for me. However, what you will remember most from this class is the memories you make with your friends, the stupid, hilarious comments people make while reading a story that is far out, and fighting over who gets to use the randomizer on the smart board. I know all of you are going to be stressed out over graduating and colleges, so my advice to you is; CALM DOWN, none of it really matters. I am not saying this because I am bitter about not getting into UCLA (well kind of), but because wherever you end up, you will eventually reach your end goal. Sure it will not be the generic route, but it will be your own. I would not have done a single thing differently this year. So I wish you little geniuses luck, although you are all probably far smarter than us! PEACE OUT!

FAREWELL by anniebaranniebar, 03 May 2015 18:22

To the class of 2016, I wish you all the best of luck because you are definitely going to need it. First semester of senior year goes by VERY slow and then the next thing you know you are about to take your AP tests (and fail). Senioritis kicks in quite too quickly. Second semester is just a downhill spiral.
I did not take AP Language junior year and that was probably a big mistake. I had some mixed feelings about AP Literature. At times it was interesting but the rest of the time consisted of confusing pieces of work. You will try to understand the text, but somewhere in between you wonder what the point of it is (you will never figure it out). I advise you to complete EVERY forum post and when Mrs. Kirkman assigns worldly wise, DO IT.
AP Literature class is one of the only class that you will have a heavy amount of homework. Try not to be absent so much because you will miss one assignment and somehow you will end up with a D. Pay attention to Mrs. Kirkmans wise words. Some stories you will read (Metamorphosis) will make absolutely no sense, but it is okay. Just go along with what Mrs. Kirkman says and try to somehow pass the test.
Overall the class consisted of many laughs, countless questions, and way too much information.
Enjoy senior year, because once you know it you will be sitting in front of your laptop thinking of precious advice to give to the seniors next year. Do not waste your time and try to pass. Good luck!

GOOD LUCK by SandraDonoyanSandraDonoyan, 03 May 2015 06:32

Those who took AP English Language and Composition, do not forget about what you learned. All those styles of figurative writing, they are coming back next year, folks. All the stories you have read throughout high school and even middle school, do not forget about them, because they are coming back next year, folks. If you cannot realize what I did in the last two sentences (repetition), then you do not belong in the class. Mrs. Kirkman is the teacher that will be giving you the most homework, that is what you will dislike the most without a doubt. There will be stories you will read that has no meaning or lesson behind it whatsoever (Metamorphosis), and yes you will dislike that too. Like? It is honestly up to the student in my opinion because of the fact that I am not a big fan of english. Despite that, 1984 by George Orwell is definitely a novel that you will like, assuming based on my preference. It was the best story in my opinion, and one that I would actually sit down to read. What I will remember the most is pretty much all the stories because I have very good memory, so I do not have much of a choice there. Any advice in general I would give is do not rely on spark notes, because reading the story or play or poem itself is much more useful and easier to understand. Overall, good luck on this year's AP test and the following AP class. Shahe Kazazian, signing out.

Yooooo Pilibos Class of 2016! You guys did it!!! It is finally your last year of high school and I am going to be brutally honest with all of you. Despite my almost perfect grades, I don't think I took my classes seriously once the whole year. I should be known as the "Queen of Procrastination" by now. I walked into Mrs. Kirkman's class having done my homework literally two minutes before it was in session. Except for those darn forums…it kind of explains why I forgot to do them most of the time. I might not be the best person to get advice from because I am the laziest a person can get. No joke, I have not read one of the fifty books assigned and I did not study a single line of notes last year and still got a 4 on the AP test. You guys are chilling if you are a natural genius brainiac thing…or just a person with common sense.

Please don't kill me, Mrs. Kirkman, I mean after all… you are the one who told me to be honest to these poor little individuals ! Alright guys, have fun this year cause you are definitely going to miss every single part of it. Cherish it! The beginning of the year starts off awesome and Mrs. Kirkman loves you RIGHT until you hit the second semester, then you are kinda all screwed. Trust me! Y’all are going to hear her call all of you "obnoxious" at least 10 times within the first five minutes of the period. Don’t forget not to use the word “Obvi” because she will literally make fun of you for two years straight. THANKS KIRKY!!!! Good luck my little seniors..even though most of you are double my size. Oh, by the way!!!GO MATADORS. Cause even after all this annoying work and irritating AP classes, every single one of us ends up at CSUN. Okay okay lates guys, my fat fingers got tired of typing!

Congratulations! You made it to your senior year!
Basically, I am writing this letter to you because I started experiencing "senioritis" way too soon, and I am in desperate need of extra credit. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to stay on track, and not become influenced by the laziness of your peers (even though it is incredibly difficult to avoid).
Beginning the year, you will be reading plenty of novels and poems that have bizarre themes and motifs. As for the existentialism section, good luck! Honestly, I still did not understand the meaning of existentialism, because it was incredibly irrelevant and creepy (sorry Mrs. Kirkman); another reason why you should not fall into senioritis.
The most important part of this class is definitely FORUMS and WORDLY WISE! There has been various times where I did not complete my forums, and that had a negative effect on my grade. In other words, do not ever miss your forums (remember it is every Thursday night!!!). You may think by just missing one it will not really harm your grade. YOU ARE WRONG! That statement is completely false, because once you miss your first one, it DOES NOT STOP afterwards. Additionally, for some of you, it might seem as though it is pointless to attend school during your senior year, but trust me, you will regret it, because there is going to be plenty of work to make up in the end (especially in AP Literature).
Other than the obvious, completing every assignment and paying attention in class, enjoy your last year, because you will never get the chance to regain these memorable moments, and have fantastic teachers and classmates just as those in Pillbos.
Good luck to everyone (: and see you all in CSUN.

SENIORS! by Nicole PapazianNicole Papazian, 03 May 2015 03:24

Hello Seniors!
Welcome to the class that some days you will love, some days you will hate, and some days you will be annoyed by. If you are anything like our class, senioritis will get you really early. Try to fight it off, otherwise Mrs.Kirkman will get really annoyed. If you can not fight senioritis off, then just except that there is no turning back. Once you have it, then you have it, and you are done. Here are a few warnings for you; forums suck, Mrs.Kirkman can yell real loud, Wordly Wise is a pain, syllables are annoying, and exit cards will always be a source of frustration. Never skip the forum, neeeever, it will mess up your grade so bad. Always listen in class, you will not regret it when Mrs.Kirkman gives you and exit card. Oh and no matter what people say, independent reading is really not that bad.
What I disliiked about this class is the textbook (aka the brick). That brick is annoying, frustrating, too long, and simply unpleasant. I liked a lot though. I enjoyed writing our own poems, random off topic talks with Mrs.Kirkman, the inside jokes, and learning about poems was cool too. I will always remember my time in Mrs.kirkman's class because it was usually the most entertaining. The best is Sam's persistence to get Mrs.Kirkman to go to prom with him. If only she said yes… that would have been so amusing. Oh and never underestimate Mrs.Kirkman, she knows everything about everyone, even if you never told her. I do not know how, but she just knows. For example she will know your prom date before you will, she will know the way you think even if you do not voice it, and she will probably know you are failing your test before you even take it.
The only thing I would do differently is not getting lazy so soon. That would have helped me with the AP test. Start studying early, seniors!
But above all else, the best advice I can give is enjoy your time as a senior. Enjoy, have fun, make memories, and live in the moment. Do not rush to finish, do not take Pilibos for granted (you WILL miss it and everyone in it), and do not stress too much because everything will fall into place.
Good luck!

Advice by MariakhachMariakhach, 03 May 2015 00:51

Hey stellar senior to be! Looks like you're in the process of choosing which APs to take this year. Let me help you with that decision… First off, I have to say that AP Literature was definitely the best period to have a good laugh. Yes, we learned a lot and broadened our minds with the new and interesting ideas that Mrs. Kirkman shared with us, but we always found a way to make the room lighthearted. Something about the energy in that class always just felt like a boost of excitement. One thing to remember, however is that wherever you choose to go, that place will only be as great as you make it. The collective effort of learning new things, sharing smiles, and creating interesting works is what a class is all about. We did those things for the most part, but then second semester arrived…

You'll need to buy another thick book like the one you have this year, but you'll only need to take it home once or twice. Or maybe that was just me. Mrs. Kirkman will also assign these journals every week and they're literally the best thing ever. You write in it the same way your mind works. If it's anything like mine your writing will be all over the place and have no specific style. The topics are quite interesting too so you'll actually want to write about everything that's going on in that brain of yours.

I think the only thing I didn't like about this year was the study of existentialism in The Stranger and Metamorphosis. Both books lacked an interesting plot and were based on an idea of human living that I didn't quite agree with. However, you'll need it to answer a few questions on the AP exam toward the end of the year so it will benefit you if you read it. I should've read it… I think what I'll remember most from Mrs. Kirkman's class is her tribal dance which I've actually only seen on video, but await eagerly to see in person soon. If there is anything I wish I could have done differently this year it would probably be to take this class more seriously, but life's too short to take things too seriously. Have fun & stay stellar!

Advice n stuff by Astghik SahagianAstghik Sahagian, 03 May 2015 00:43

Hello new seniors! First and foremost expect to become a lot lazier and to give up around beginning of second semester. There is no going around it unless you guys are more motivated than us which you probably are. When you get noisy, expect Mrs.Kirkman to walk over to her desk and to pull out her stack of papers and to “scare us” with a “pop quiz” (this happened often). My advice is to try not to make Mrs. Kirkman mad because she already got enough of us this year. My other advice is to not listen to the previous advice because it was fun. Another advice I have is to study for the exam ahead of time. What I liked about the class are the funny moments we had and that it was not as hard. And to be honest I enjoyed how the class made Mrs. Kirkman mad; it was funny (sorry Mrs. Kirkman). I also liked the amount of work she gave because it was not too much. What I disliked about the class was the wordly wise and the wordly wise quizzes. It was annoying; I might even burn the book. I also disliked reading from that brick; yes it was a brick not a textbook. Oh man let us not forget about those gosh darn forums! You will despise those forums. You will want to skip every single one, but beware if you skip just one your grade will go down a lot. I honestly do not remember much from this year but what I will remember is watching the beautiful Christian Bale in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” even though we did not get to watch the whole thing. The thing I will probably remember most is Sam attempting to do the dance Mrs.Kirkman does. That was hilarious. There is nothing I would do differently other than study ahead of time for the exam. Anyway it was a wonderful year. Have fun!

BEWARE by marykaragezyanmarykaragezyan, 01 May 2015 23:46

Dear Incoming Seniors,

I hope you are ready for a bumpy ride down narrow Alexandria Ave. to get to an intense and informative class in Advanced Placement English Literature. In Ms. Kirkman’s class, there are many enjoyable moments and a few frustrating ones. An example of a frustrating moment would be when on a Thursday evening, your relaxed and lying down on your favorite lazy chair in front of your laptop watching Netflix nonstop, and you realize that you have to write your forum before the midnight deadline; the realization alone is enough to sober up any human being and raise their blood pressure to extremely dangerous levels. However, looking at the clock, you realize that you only have ten minutes to write a 250 word forum that is grammatically impeccable with no dead words anywhere in sight. Now a word of advice: Write your forums the day it is assigned. I know each and every one of you, after studying English for eleven years (or more), are quite an expert in your own rights. However, AP English Lit. is a whole new world, where the sounds of simple letters can determine the overall mood and tone of the author/poet, where a subtle change of season can foreshadow death and destruction, where words have symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense. When entering AP Lit., do not forget to tip your English Language hat off to the side, and make room for your AP English Literature hat, because you have to look at the passages and poems from a completely new perspective; you have to be able to enter the mind of the author somewhat and analyze the meaning behind the words. Now, to many enjoyable moments I mentioned in the beginning: The more you learn about foreshadowing, symbolism, and figurative language, the more enjoyable reading a piece of literature becomes. It has been quite a ride working with this year’s motivated, hilarious, and brilliant students. I wish all of you best of luck.


Word of Advice by Jacqueline MatianJacqueline Matian, 01 May 2015 23:33

This year was definitely an enlightening experience filled with new and interesting ideas to last a life time. From existentialism to the American Dream the topics could not be more broad, but fascinating as ever! The three works that I chose, however were "The Story of an Hour", 1984, and "The Author to Her Book".

"The Story of an Hour" set a dark and mysterious tone of death and life that I was quite fond of. What was most interesting of all though was the ironic twist of both elements within the story. As death approached one, a new life approached the other. However, as this supposed death revealed to be a lie, the only truth left was the startling death of the woman who seemed to be most alive.

1984 was an interesting eye opener to the power of government and mind control. The notion of mental manipulation and its success within the mass numbers of citizens in 1984 still cease to amaze me. It enlightened me of the many cognitive functions occurring within humans, as well as the psychology to explain it all. The novel's quotes were phenomenal as well and I must thank the author for adding so much depth and meaning beneath each message.

Last, but not least is the "The Author to Her Book" which literally existed off of metaphors. The idea of the author comparing her first written creation to her first "conceived creation" portrayed the same amount of love, hard work, and dedication one would put into raising a child. I personally enjoyed how emotional her bond was with her work. Ending the poem off with the idea of the book just leaving her and finding its own way completely shed light onto the emotional detachment authors face when letting go of the work they have created.

L8s by Astghik SahagianAstghik Sahagian, 01 May 2015 06:48

Throughout the academic year, we read different topics and literature that originated from almost every angle of our world. Compared to AP Language and Composition, this class by far enriched my knowledge as I took a bit from each foreign perspective of the pieces we read. My favorite novel definitely goes to 1984. George Orwell, much like his other books, delivered a story so parallel to the brainwashing methods of the Soviet Union. Was I supposed to be offended by his work? Yes. However, his plot and writing were so unique that I was able to tell the novel's merit amongst other formulated science fiction books that I love like The Hunger Games and Divergent. I thought perhaps Winston and Julia would live happily ever after following them rebelling and establishing their own utopia; but, I did not mind 1984 giving me a taste of dystopian reality. My favorite short story hands down is The Story of an Hour. The twisted irony that the lady died of "happiness" after hearing her husband was still alive emphasizes the frustration and imprisonment many women felt in the early 1900s, even if they lived comfortably and happily with decent men. Lastly, The Fish I think deserves to be my favorite poem. A fisherman, one who systematically kills fish, was able to feel pity and respect for a particular fish. It was surprisingly pleasant to hear the fish's personification, making the poor creature almost relatable. The metaphorical ribboned hooks in its jaw as war medallions proves that no one is alone in fighting for their right to live. Everyone has their own struggles and challenges to face. I took inspiration from a once insignificant fish. Despite all the forum posts and comments I had to devise the last minute due to my senioritis procrastination, thank you Ms. Kirkman for giving a type of homework that none of us will ever forget.

Last But Not Least Forum by Katya OrphaliKatya Orphali, 01 May 2015 06:32
Ara MatthewAra Matthew 01 May 2015 06:21
in discussion 2014-2015 AP Literature Forums / Week 5 » Dunzo

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of the two only plays I remember reading this year, so I guess by default it has to be my favorite. All in all it was an interesting read and it had an unusual storyline (that at times was extremely difficult to follow along to). The reason I picked this play over Death of A Salesman is because it makes me relate more to Shakespeare. Even though this play was written hundreds of years ago, it still discussed and elaborated on the same subjects that concern people in society in the present day.
For the novels section I did not have to think much. 1984 was by far the best read and most interesting for many reasons. Not only was the plot cool to follow along, but it was also extremely precise in describing the future world from decades ago. The BEST part of this book was project at the end. It was cool how were able to collaborate with students from other classes. I will definitely remember this novel years from now because of the amazing video projects everyone created.
“Scarborough Fair” was my favorite piece of poetry because I already knew about it years ago. It was the only ballad I could relate to because I preformed the musical arrangement for it as one of my first concert pieces.
“Jerry’s Artarama” was my favorite short story because it was fun and weird to analyze and discuss and comic-like piece of literature in an AP class.

Dunzo by Ara MatthewAra Matthew, 01 May 2015 06:21

It was a great run, Mrs. Kirkman. I annoyed you and teased for you the past two years and the fact that your name is not all over the news for the killing of one of your students (me) is quite an honor. I would like to take my time to apologize for all the misconduct, laziness, and talkative behavior during your classes. I never meant to disrespect you or the class, I was just having some stupid fun for my senior year. Of all my AP's, I have probably enjoyed Lit - and Lang, of course - the most. With that being said, here is a list of my favorite works from each category and a medicare explanation as to why I picked them: I will go ahead and pick my favorite novel AND my favorite play because we read a bunch of each. My favorite novel was 1984 because it was pretty cool, and my favorite play was a Streetcar Named Desire because it was better than the other plays we read. Mrs. Kirkman, how in the world do you expect us to single out ONE poem from the billions we read this year? The most eloquent, meaningful, and amusing poem I stumbled upon this year had to be Struggles of an AP Lit Student by Nareg Bouldoukian. It was the best haiku I have ever seen. The short stories were probably the cream of the crop this year when it came to literary works. Almost every short story we read was good and it was enjoyable, words that are rarely uttered in a Literature classroom. My favorite, however, had to be "Story of an Hour" because it was a classic portrayal of irony. I am now finishing up my forum… and my last year as your student. Farewell, Mrs. Kirkman.

ARE WE FINALLY DONE? by Nareg BouldoukianNareg Bouldoukian, 01 May 2015 05:44
Sam EkimyanSam Ekimyan 01 May 2015 05:37
in discussion 2014-2015 AP Literature Forums / Week 5 » ;(

It is unbelievable that the senior class of 2015 will be graduating soon and this will be their last forum post that most probably the majority of the class will forget about completing.
Throughout the year I enjoyed almost all the days spent in class because we were always learning something new and interesting. From the poems my favorite poem would definitely be The Fish. I still remember this poem as if we finished discussing it yesterday. This poem was easy to understand because of the SIFTing method that our wonderful teacher taught us to use. With that we also had to draw an image of what we imagine the fish to look.
My favorite novel would be The Death of a Salesman, because it showed what kind of a father Willy truly was. All he wanted was the best for his children, because that would be him living the “American dream” if the sons had enough money and a paid off house. He dedicated his entire life to reach his goal which was the American dream mentality. Sadly enough his view towards the American dream was completely different than the usual. He sacrificed his life for his family, in order for the family to receive money from the father’s life insurance policy and pay off the house.
I do not have a specific play or short story in mind because I enjoyed reading and discussing them all as a class. I would not be able to have such an amazing understanding if it was not for our AMAZING teacher’s help. Thank You Mrs. Kirkman!

;( by Sam EkimyanSam Ekimyan, 01 May 2015 05:37

This forum post is nearly impossible to write, because trying to remember all of the different pieces of literature we read thought the year is a tough task. Reminiscing, the works that came to mind were, Metamorphosis, Midsummer Night’s Dream, “To His coy Mistresses” and “The Lady with the Pet Dog."
My favorite novel of this year was Metamorphosis because of how twisted and unconventional it was. This novel was nothing like I had ever read before, making it a perfect ending of the year. As for my favorite play, Midsummer Night’s Dream was a hilarious comedy filled with wacky characters. This play was quick, to the point, and full of drama. This roller coaster play was by far the most enjoyable William Shakespeare work I had read.
My favorite play, as creepy as this sounds, was “To His Coy Mistress.” That was by far the strangest piece of literature I had ever read. The way the author presents the topic of sex is disturbing yet hilarious. I mean come on, that part about the worms! Who did not laugh?! The two different interpretations of “Lady with a Pet Dog” were memorable when it comes to short stories. The perspective of a male author, compared to the perspective of a female author was refreshing and invigorating. Reading all of these stories seems like a lifetime ago, but it is still unbelievable that the year has come to an end. Looking back I can not believe how much we have learned, and how much information I have absorber over a short year.

And curtain by anniebaranniebar, 01 May 2015 05:08

The school year has almost come to an end and we are left with nothing but memories of the past. Not many students would recall what we covered exactly in AP Literature. Some stories did indeed grab my attention. Despite the fact that I am incapable of clearly remembering past lessons, I remember the short story “ Jerry’s Artarama”. This specific story contained pictures, which is probably the reason why I was able to remember it.

A Streetcar Named Desire was quite interesting and delightful. The plot of the story was well written and easy to comprehend. The conflicts between Stanley and Stella added to the theme of the story as well as making it more thought provoking. I would just like to add that the independent reading assignment books were quite interesting as well.

Last but not least each poem we covered had its own specific theme and vibe to it. After SIFTing through all of the poems, it made it easier to better understand the hidden messages within the lines of the poems. One poem I enjoyed reading was The Fish. The Fish was a detailed description about a fish. It describes the details very vividly and was informative. The reader was able to visual the fish. The activity we completed was also enjoyable, disregarding the fact that I am incapable of drawing a fish.

The End... by SandraDonoyanSandraDonoyan, 01 May 2015 04:57

Ah! One can not simply believe that this will be one of the last, or the last I should say, forum post that this class will ever write! This is truly a bitter sweet moment. Thinking back to the last year is a bit hard. I do not quite remember every piece of work we read, analyzed and tore apart. However, there were some that stood out to me most. I really enjoyed reading Never let Me Go. It was one of the few books i read from beginning to end and enjoyed every bit of it. The story line and plot was very modern and captivating, not much like anything we usually read. Oddly enough, I actually Really enjoyed the plays we read this year. Even though they were hard to understand at first, after analyzing it they seemed quite interesting. I specifically enjoyed reading The Canterbury Tales and A Mid Summer Nights Dream. Im sure there are plenty other things that i honestly enjoyed reading this year, but i just cant seem to remember. I am sure that all the works we read in the course of the last school year will not only benefit us for the AP exam , but for the the years to come ! Thanks to the best english teacher every, MRS. Shelly Kirkman.

This is the end by Karnie BabikianKarnie Babikian, 01 May 2015 04:32

This year has been filled with plenty entertaining and interesting novels/plays that significantly stood out for me. These include: The Canterbury Tales, 1984, A Streetcar Named Desire, Never Let Me Go, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Each of these novels/play had an immense effect on me. Personally, I do not enjoy reading, especially novels/plays which are forced to be completed as an assignment, however this year included incredibly interesting novels and plays. Especially, 1984, because it had such a different view on society and how people should act in a dictatorial system. The characters in the novel, revealed themselves unexpectedly, creating a suspenseful tone throughout the rest of the novel.
Also, I enjoyed reading the satirical novel by, Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer wrote this novel based on his perception of each character during the late fourteenth century. He described each character and their moralities in the general prologue (introduction). Not to mention the two short tales we read in class. The Miller's Tale was my favorite, because it was ridiculous with a twisted theme/message. The scenes that occurred in the Miller's Tale were unorganized, idiotic, and insanely misleading; thus uncovering the Miller's corruption during the society and time period.
Although, A Midsummer Night's Dream was incredibly confusing, and disorderly it turned out to be extremely entertaining. I enjoyed reading the play as a class, because it seemed easier to understand the text.
Sadly, the year has come to an end and I probably will not read anymore, but at least I completed my last forum. (:

Novel/Play by Nicole PapazianNicole Papazian, 01 May 2015 04:31
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